Internet Use Policy

The Internet & the Library's Mission
The Anaheim Public Library is responsible for providing public access to resources that meet the diverse informational, educational and recreational needs of the community. Access to internet based resources vastly extends the library's collections and reference services delivering information, ideas and commentary from around the globe to the local user.

While the library strives to provide access to sources with valuable information, the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and usefulness of information obtained at the library is the patron’s. The internet is a global, unregulated and changing resource. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Anaheim Public Library provides filtered access to the internet. The library does not control the information available through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. Individuals have a personal responsibility for determining the suitability and accuracy of content found during their Internet searches.

Patron Internet Use Agreement
Access to the Anaheim Public Library internet workstations is a privilege offered under the Internet Use Policy. Unacceptable use of a workstation may result in the suspension or revocation of this privilege. The Anaheim Public Library reserves the right to regulate both the use of the internet workstations and the material accessed by users. All users must agree to comply with the library's posted rules, policies and procedures, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Minors may not use workstations for chat rooms or Instant Messaging.
  • Obscene graphic materials are prohibited from being displayed, printed or downloaded.
  • Use of another's ID, even if authorized, may result in the loss of Internet privileges to both individuals.
  • Users may not tamper with the computer hardware, software or configurations, nor upload files.
  • Users must refrain from illegal use of the Internet and respect copyright law.
  • Workstations may not be used for any direct commercial purpose or gambling.
More specific information is provided in the document, Using Public Internet Computers at Anaheim Public Library (PDF).

Filtered Access
In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), all library computers are filtered. If unable to access a site, a user may request staff to unblock access to that site.

Access by Minors
The Internet offers a wealth of resources for education and personal interests. It also contains material that some parents may feel is unsuitable for children. It is the library's policy that parents or legal guardians must assume sole responsibility for restricting or monitoring use of the library's public internet workstations for their own children. Parents and children are encouraged to discuss the appropriate use of this electronic resource.

Internet Safety
The internet is not a confidential environment. The library recommends that users do not provide any personal information over the internet, including names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or credit card numbers.

This policy has been reviewed by the Anaheim City Attorney's Office, July 2000.