Report Graffiti

Report Graffiti
The most common form of property crime in Anaheim neighborhoods is graffiti. Through the Anaheim Community Anti-Graffiti Effort (ACAGE), City staff, in partnership with residents, community leaders and the business community, has developed a comprehensive strategy that attacks graffiti from all sides of this complex issue. ACAGE focuses on a variety of fronts, including education, protection of property, prompt removal, applicable justice efforts and collaborating with local programs serving Anaheim youth to reinforce the negative consequences of graffiti.

Graffiti Prevention Tips
  • Provide well-maintained landscaping which makes the area inaccessible by using thorny shrubs, bushes, or vines in front of walls and buildings.
  • Add more exterior lighting in areas that are dark at night.
  • Use anti-graffiti coatings on textured materials like concrete, brick, stone, stucco, and stained or unfinished wood.
Reporting Graffiti
  • Phone: To report graffiti call 311 or 714-765-4311. If you witness graffiti in progress, call 911. Do not attempt to intervene.
  • Online: To report graffiti online visit the Anaheim Anytime website.
  • My Anaheim App: Download the My Anaheim app for iPhone and Android. Reporting graffiti is now just a few clicks away.