Meet the Neighbors

The greatest contribution you as an individual can make in the event of an emergency is to make yourself available in support of your neighbors. The first step in getting involved in your neighborhood is to get to know your neighbors. Aside from the fact that your neighbors are part of our community, they can also be a safety net for you in the event of an emergency. Personal connections make strong neighborhoods and making those connections with your neighbors often leads to a stronger, safer and more vibrant community.

Make a Connections
Here’s how:
  • Introduce yourself and let them know you live nearby
  • Tell them you’re making a plan in the event of a emergency and want to share your information
  • Exchange contact information such as a phone number or email
  • See an example Contact List

Learn Which Neighbors May Need Your Help
Many neighborhoods have individuals with special needs. Make a plan with your neighbors to check-in on them after a disaster and help them if necessary. Help them in advance to set aside special supplies they may require after an earthquake or other emergency and assist them with an emergency plan.

Some of the people who may require special assistance include:
  • Those who are deaf or hearing impaired, blind, have limited mobility, require a special oxygen supply or have significant medical conditions
  • Children who spend time alone at home and the elderly
  • Non-English speaking persons
  • See how to prepare for people with special needs and elderly