Gang Reduction & Intervention Partnership (GRIP)

The Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership mission is to work with fourth through eighth grade students identified as at-risk and their families by:

  • Implementing research-based coordinated targeted gang prevention, intervention, and suppression activities.
  • Creating safe and drug-free schools.
  • Removing barriers to learning.
  • Promoting pro-social leadership skills.
  • Providing  parents with effective skills, tools, and support that will promote healthy childhood development and minimize gang influences on their children.
  • Train teachers and school support staff to identify gang behavior and students at-risk of adopting the gang life style.

Participating Schools

  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • South Junior High School
  • Orangeview Junior High School

And in partnership with OC GRIP at:

  • Patrick Henry Elementary School
  • Ponderosa Elementary School
  • Thomas Edison Elementary School
  • Price Elementary School
  • Gauer Elementary School
  • Brookhurst Junior High School
Faculty Mentor Program

The Faculty Mentor Program is held at the beginning of the school year during each school's annual faculty training day. Faculty members are asked to volunteer to mentor an at-risk student for the school year. The requirements of the program are:

  • Provide a positive male / female role model for the student.
  • Meet with the student 30 minutes per week.
  • Increase self esteem.
  • Make contact with the students’ parents once a month.
  • Provide positive guidance.
  • Have lunch with the student once a month.
Girls Club

The Girls Club was formed after girls identified as "at-risk" by their school expressed a lack of positive role models and structure in their lives.

Every month Girls Club members meet and speak about topics that are affecting the girls lives, and how to succeed.  The club focuses on:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Internet Safety / Social Media
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Relaxing Techniques
  • Etiquette
The Girls Club members are asked to set goals for themselves and adhere to a signed contract. 
Parent Greeter Program

The Parent Greeter Program was started after Anaheim GRIP was made aware that many of the schools lacked parent participation. Greeters volunteer to be on campus during the morning to greet all students who are arriving and deliver a positive message as the students start their day.

Greeters are required to:

  • Volunteer twice a month for 10 minutes during morning hours.
  • Wear an orange GRIP vest.
  • Be positive and friendly while welcoming students to school.
  • Report any dress code violations to school staff.
Parents Supporting Parents

In order to increase the success level of the GRIP program, it is important that parents become involved. The Parents Supporting Parents program is an educational support. Meetings are three times a year and are facilitated by Anaheim GRIP. All parents are invited to attend these meetings to learn about local gang trends, how to identify if you child is at-risk, drug trends, and understanding social media.